About Us

This site is a simple communication tool to speed up the process and effectiveness of swarm collection.

Traditionally members of the public, homeowners etc will see a swarm and not know what to do or who to call.  Assuming that pest control will cost a load of money they will typically watch the swarm for a few days and hope that it goes away.  If the bees remain there then they will call the council or pest control who will then tell them to contact a beekeeper.  Perhaps not knowing any beekeepers the reporter will then google a bee society and find out where their nearest society is and report it to them.  The society will then communicate out to the members, in their area, when they can possibly a day later and a beekeeper will attend..... The outcome is that very often the bees will have moved into a roof and are no longer an easy pickup.   

This site aims to counter this by providing:

  • Single unified reporting mechanism for the entire UK.
  • Instant notification to the beekeepers.
  • Information to help reporters to report the correct swarms in the correct place.
  • The ability to subscribe to each postcode area that the beekeeper desires regardless of the specific areas covered by each of the beekeeping societies.
  • Less spam as people getting the messages only get the ones they have asked for.
  • Chance to update the job so that beekeepers are not wasting time picking up swarms that have either left or have already been picked up.
  • Easy management for the beekeeper associations in their areas.

Free to use but please if you do like it and use it do donate to the cause.


Note:  This site simply connects bee swarms to beekeepers. We do not employ beekeepers and are not responsible for any advice that they choose to give.



Back Story

I have been keeping bees for a few years and collecting swarms since the beginning. Every year there seem to be more swarms and my heart breaks reading stories in the news about swarms of killer wasps that take over cars and have to be destroyed when they are clearly honey bees looking for a new home. The Swarms that I was attempting to collect had often moved on or were indeed nests and not swarms. Many an hour had been wasted chasing after swarms that would not do as they should when all I wanted was to give them a new home.  As an engineer and teaching entrepreneurship at university, I am a solutions guy and it was clear to me that there was a problem.  In this sense, by the problem, I mean a process that could be streamlined for the benefit of all.  

The issue in the process was that there was a huge time delay between Joe Public spotting a swarm and Billy Beekeeper collecting it.  The process involves Joe Public recognizing the swarm, waiting a few days for the swarm to move on as they are scared of the cost, reporting the swarm to the council, or pest control and being told to contact the beekeepers looking up beekeepers and finally reporting it to the correct, nearest beekeeping society. All this takes time and by the time the beekeeper comes out the swarm may have left or imbedded itself into the roof. To streamline this process a new unified platform is needed to directly connect the beekeeper with the swarm reporter thus cutting out delays in the human processing of the information. Hence the use of a website or app. 

Being into technology and websites I thought I would try and set up a solution and by breaking it down into postcode areas it can be one unified solution for the whole country. Hopefully, together we can rehome more swarms, and save the bees.