What does this site do?

This site provides an easy solution to clubs managing the swarms that are reported to them. We provide a faster, easier and more unified method of connecting the swarm with a beekeeper for rehoming allowing for more swarms to be successfully rehomed and less spam overall as the beekeepers only get notifications of the swarms in specific areas that they are interested in covering.


How do I change my profile picture?

Once logged in navigate to the home page by clicking on the home button or the bee icon at the top left. Click on the down arrow on the far right of the yellow header bar at the top next to the square profile image and select "Change my Profile Picture".  Click on the grey box that says "Drag or click here to upload photo" and select your desired profile picture. Click on the orange save thumbnail button to save it.

Profile pictures are really useful as it shows the person requesting help with a swarm who to expect. 


How do I subscribe to a postcode?

The easiest way is to use the search function, top right on the web browser. Search for the first postcode you wish to receive notifications from and join them individually by clicking the "Join button" in the top right of the white page.  Note that you only need the first part of the postcode.  Join each one individually. 


How do I decide which postcodes to join?

You can join any postcode or as many postcodes as you like.  You can join postcodes in an area controlled by your local club and society or indeed one of your neighboring districts. You can join and unjoin postcodes at any time or indeed mute the notifications from individual postcode groups. 

Couple of tools to help

If you are a beekeeper happy to travel a set distance from your home, then use free map tools to output a list of all the postcodes within a set radius of any postcode in the UK. Remember to select the tick box to ask for outcodes only.  



To see a specific area of a postcode use: https://www.freemaptools.com/uk-postcode-map.htm.


Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the areas of interest beyond the "Out postcodes" as there are already 3004 sections.  Taking it smaller still will create far too many groups and the site will become swamped. 


How do I unsubscribe from a postcode?

Once logged in navigate to the home screen, 1st button on the brown or the bee icon at the top left of the site. using the menu on the left select "My Groups" to display all your subscribed to postcodes and select the postcode form which you wish to unsubscribe. |Click on the three dots in the top right of the postcode window and you can leave the group. 


Is there an easy way of describing swarm locations? 

If you are struggling to explain where a swarm is, then use What 3 Words.   This has mapped the entire UK down to a 3M x 3M square and assigned each square an address based on 3 words.

There is also a great app to go with this and it is very useful with many delivery companies and taxi firms now using it. 


Do Beekeepers charge for picking up swarms?

Most Beekeepers don't charge for a simple swarm rehoming but do expect to keep the bees as payment. More complex nest removals or relocations may be time-consuming and require additional tools and supplies. Some beekeepers request a contribution to petrol expenses or a small fee.  Fees should be discussed at the time of the first contact.   Beekeepers are not employed by the site and are free to do as they wish though any changes should be made clear before a beekeeper comes to visit.  


What happens to my personal information on the forum?

Everything posted to the site is publicly available and needs to be, in order to allow beekeepers to contact swarm reporters who do not have accounts with the site. We do however encourage the beekeeping clubs and societies to "Close the posts" once the job is complete thus sanitizing all personal information from the site.  This should protect people from having unnecessary information in the public domain, whilst keeping a record of the swarms in the different areas. 


Can I post a swarm notification without posting my phone number and full postcode?

Yes. If you set up an account and post via that account. You can post swarms without leaving your phone number (000) or your full postcode.  People will be able to contact you via the platform mail (BeeMail) system.  Put 000 in for the phone number in order to submit the form. 


Can we have a running list of members of our club that can have the next swarm collected?

Yes. you would do this by having a post on your club page with the names that can be updated by the club secretary.


How much does it cost?

The use of the site and apps are free.  I'm trying to solve a problem, not to make money.  It is however expensive to build develop and run so I'm hoping to cover some of the costs from donations. Possibly some form advertising too. 


I am an experienced beekeeper who does not want to collect swarms but I do like giving advice to the public on their swarms and identifying bee types. Is there a place for me on the site?

Of course.  You are welcome to help out.  There is always lots of call for experienced eyes to look at photos and advise on the different types of bees or what can be done. 


Will BeeSwarm compete with my club's current system for swarm notifications?

Ideally Not.  BeeSwarm should replace your club's system with a standardised method that cuts down on work and retains control by your club over your area. If you are one of the clubs that currently asks for donations for swarm collection and thereby collects valuable revenue then please continue to do so. It is our intention that any donations to the site with a postcode reference in a postcode that has been administered by a club that is actively participating in the running of the site will be returned to the clubs at the end of the swarming season.  We should generate more successfully rehomed swarms and have more happy customers resulting in more donations for the clubs in their joined postcodes.  Obviously you are welcome to run your own system alongside however hopefully you will find this site easier and more beneficial to your club and it's members.


Do I need public liability insurance to collect swarms?

Public liability insurance will cover you if you damage someone or someone's property whilst out collecting swarms. This is essential if you are doing so as a business but as a non-charging amateur, you are often covered by your local BKA membership as part of standard beekeeping activities.


Where can I get additional advice?

Loads of great beekeeping clubs/societies and associations with loads of their own advice pages for swarms. Also WBKA and BBKA. Many of the clubs will have active profiles on this site and cover large areas of postcodes so feel free to ask them for advice.


Can I have my own BeeSwarm platform for my club or country?

We can develop and host individual versions of BeeSwarm including the apps for large clubs or even countries to use as a national resource.  Contact Admin@BeeSwarm.uk for details.