This site is to help the Beekeepers, their associations (BKAs) and clubs to administer their swarm notifications, streamlining the process that connects beekeepers with swarms in need of rehoming in the UK. The site should provide a single unified process that can be adopted by any club across the UK to avoid confusion and prevent much wasted administrative time trying to locate the correct contact to phone or the correct websites to address.

If you are not in the UK then you probably don't need to be part of this site, but feel free to email the admin  Admin@BeeSwarm.uk if you want something similar for your country.


If you are in the UK then please add Admin@BeeSwarm.uk as an email address in your contacts.  This will help prevent your email provider from filtering your notifications.

If you have not registered an account:

If all you want is to submit a bee swarm notification then please do so on the report a swarm page.  No need to register. 

If you are a beekeeper or someone who regularly comes in contact with swarms, then please do register an account.


If you have already registered your account:

Dear Guest.  Many thanks for signing up for your BeeSwarm account. 

Your membership is pending approval from one of our Admin team, or you have not verified your email.  


If you have not received your verification email please send an email to the Admin@BeeSwarm.uk and we will get you verified ASAP.



Please do not bee offended. We do this not out of disrespect for you, but out of respect for the members of the public, who are in need of support with their unwanted swarms and we need to ensure that there is a level of experience inherent in the swarm collectors. Novice collectors are most welcome as we have all had to start somewhere but only with the support of their Bee Keepers Association.

If you can find your BKA in the list on the "People page" then please give them a nudge to authorize your account.  Tip: use the "profile type" setting on the left-hand side of the people's page to get a list of only the Clubs, Societies and Associations.

Sending an email to Admin@BeeSwarm.uk with evidence of your beekeeping activities may also speed up your promotion in the member's part of the site.

If you are not a beekeeper then let me know why you need access to the swarm notifications via. Admin@BeeSwarm.uk


Once authorized you will be promoted to "Member" and will have access to the other parts of the site. 


Happy Swarm collecting!