TIPS for Postcodes

Postcodes = Groups on the site and Groups = Postcodes.


The site is set up with 3004 postcode groups, each one representing a UK postcode. 

You do not need to add new postcode groups.

Each Group represents the region of the UK defined by that postcode.  (Just the first bit - the"Outcode")  Joining the group gets you the notifications of swarms in that area.  This is how you tell the site which areas you wish to cover. 
Use the search bar at the top to search for the first bit of your postcode.  SA1, SA2, NW1, CF3 etc...   One at a time click on the group and request to join.  You will then be a subscriber of that group and you will receive swarm notifications within that area.
You can join as many or as few groups as you like.    BKA's, for instance, can join all the postcodes in their region which could be ~20 could be 100....

You will only receive notifications from the groups that you have joined, so join as many postcode groups as you can..


  1. Use the search function to find your postcode groups. Website works better for this than the apps. If you are on a tablet or a phone you may not be able to see the search but it is in the yellow banner to the left of your profile pic. If the search function is not working in chrome then please try a different browser.
  2. If you are joining LOADS of similar postcodes. e.g. all the LL codes, then search for the LL codes and open each of the groups into a new tab. (In chrome this is clicking the link whilst holding control) then scroll through the tabs joining each group. This should save you loads of time compared to searching for each one individually.
  3. You can leave groups by selecting the three dots in the top right of the group page and selecting "leave group".
  4. If you are a beekeeper happy to travel a set distance from your home, then use free map tools to output a list of all the postcodes within a set radius of any postcode in the UK. Remember to select the tick box to ask for outcodes only.

To see a specific area of a postcode use:


Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the areas of interest beyond the "Out postcodes" as there are already 3004 sections.  Taking it smaller still will create far too many groups and the site will become swamped. 



It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged for experienced beekeepers to give advice to concerned swarm reporters so feel free to monitor the traffic on the "Everyone" tab on your home screen and phone people outside of your area with a reassuring call.  Many of the reports will be for Bumblebees or Mason bees which may be easily spotted from the photos and descriptions.  No need for a beekeeper to come out but a bit of advice may be appreciated.  If you do then do please update the group so that the reporter doesn't get 50 calls, and the admin can close the report. you may need in this instance to join the group, leave the note, and then leave the group.